Christmas Cakes

Chocolate Treasure Chest
Why settle for anything less, make your christmas table just as festive as the rest of your home, with a treasure chest made out of Swiss Dark Chocolate.  The inside is filled with layers of white cake, rum mousse, and caramel.  Topped with fresh glazed strawberries, a Swiss Chocolate lid, and wrapped with a red ribbons.  $See Menu Tab for Prices$

Black & White Christmas Cake
Impress your visitors in the Christmas season with a cake that says it all.  Three layers of white & chocolate devils food cake, filled with venetian crème and chocolate ganache or chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache.  White & Dark alternating chocolate strips wrapped together with a red ribbon.  Topped with glazed strawberries and white chocolate.  This is an amazing masterpiece for Christmas. Choice of one filling.  
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Lady Finger Cake
Let your favorite dessert double as your centerpiece!  A sensational combination!  Three layers of white cake with venetian crème & chocolate garnish between the first layer of cake and a special treat of strawberry mousse between the next layer.  Topped off with a frosty the snow man.  Garnished with fresh glazed strawberries then wrapped with ladyfingers.  This dessert combination is absolutely irresistible! 
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Puff Pastry Christmas Wreath
A decorated editable Christmas wreath makes a wonderful gift for your friends and family.  Enjoy a fresh puff pastry dough topped with venetian crème and assorted fresh glazed fruit.  Covered with the perfect touch of powder sugar.  Don’t hang this one on your door; find a special spot on your table. 
 12” Round
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Yule Log
Lending rich elegance to your traditional Christmas decorations is this magnificently fresh, light, and flavorful chocolate yule log.  The yule log consists of chocolate mousse and chocolate garnish between layers of chocolate devils food cake.  Decorated in a Christmas theme.   
serves 10  ($See Menu Tab for Prices $)

White Chocolate Jewel Box
Layers of white cake, raspberry marmalade, and lemon mousse.  Enclosed in a white chocolate box.  Topped with glazed strawberries to enhance the gorgeous pearl like necklace and gold chocolate coins.  This Jewel box looks more like a keepsake than something you would eat.  You really can have your cake and eat it too.
serves 10  ( $See Menu Tab for Prices $)

Grandpa’s Reindeer

All Handmade Solid Wood

12” Santa Sleigh & Reindeer 
        Santa Reindeer $20.00
        Santa Sleigh $25.00
        Combo Set $42.50

18” Santa Sleigh & Reindeer
        Santa Reindeer $30.00
        Santa Sleigh $35.00
        Combo Set $62.50

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