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The Bakery Shoppe supplies a complete line of all occasion cakes and below is just a few examples, please call for more styles and suggestions:

        Birthday Cakes -a beautiful princess cake or Thomas the Train
        Birthday Cakes -a tombstone for a gag birthday
        Baby Shower Cakes - with baby shoes, baby rattles, baby bottles
        Religious Celebrations - First Communion with a bible or a cross
        Graduation Cake - topped with a cap and scroll
        Anniversary Cakes -with your own personal touch
        Great Accomplishment- Put a company logo or team logo on your cake
Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Easter, Valentines Day, Boss and Secretary Day

NOTE:  The images on this website are similiar to what the cake will be decorated like, there maybe a slight variation as to the type of cookie or flower the cake is topped with.

Lemon Kist Cake
 This beautiful cake is filled with a layer light and refreshing lemon kist and lemon mousse filling between each layersof white cake, covered with white whipped crème and decorated in spring colors.  The lemon in this cake will not make you pucker itis not bitter or tart.   It has a light and refreshing taste and feeling.

Hazelnut Cream Cake
 You will fall in love with the hazelnut flavor this cake consist of.  It has the perfect combination of hazelnut mousse, chocolate ganache, and venetian crème in between each fresh and moist layer of white cake.  It is covered in white whipped crème with white chocolate all around the top edges then topped with chocolate decorations.

 Mandarin Orange Cake
White cake filled with mandarin orange mousse and mandarin oranges.  The sweetness of the Mandarine Orange Cake is tempered with a tangy bite (from the mandarin oranges) and when it's served ice-cold, there's simply nothing like it for sheer refreshment.

Raspberry Fan Torte
Layers of white cake with raspberry marmalade & mousse, venetian crème

Strawberry Supreme Cake
If you like strawberry shortcake, this cake will meet your high expectations.  The Strawberry Supreme has layers of soft moist White Cake filled with Venetian Creme and Fresh Strawberry slices, decorated with White Whipped Cream and Fresh Strawberries.  Once you try this cake it will become one of your favorite desserts.

White Chocolate Curl Cake
The Bakery Shoppes' Signature Cake.  White cake filled with banana mousse and fresh strawberry slices decorated with white whipped cream and white chocolate curls all around the elegant cake, decorated with chocolate dipped strawberries on top.


Black Forest Cake
 Chocolate devil’s food cake with cherry filling between each layer, covered with white whipped crème icing Photo Coming Soon of the Black Forest Cake

 Chocolate Drip Cake
Layers of Chocolate devil’s food cake filled with chocolate mousse, decorated with white whipped cream, covered with melted chocolate and topped with a whipped cream flower.  

 Chocolate Cookie Cake
Without a doubt this is the most moist cake with a delicious combination of chocolates you will have ever eaten.  Layers of chocolate devils food cake filled with chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache, decorated with chocolate whipped cream and fancy cookies.

Fudge Fantasy
Ultimate Chocolate fans named this famous chocolate cake "Fudge Fantasy".  Once you try it you will clearly see why.  It is filled with velvety, dense fudge between each layer of chocolate devils food cake.  The outside is completely frosted with fudge and topped with chocolate curls.  Oh, my!!  This really hits the spot, it's really awesome!!

Hazelnut Torte
Chocolate devil’s food cake filled with hazelnut mousse Iced with chocolate ganache 
Photo Coming Soon of the Hazelnut Torte
Coconut Crème Dream
 White cake filled with chunks of pineapple and  pineapple mousse.  The outside is covered in whipped crème and coconut with the top layered in pineapples and strawberries.  Also available with coconut only and no fruit.
Photo Coming Soon of the Coconut Creme Dream Cake

    “Home Made” German Chocolate Cake
Chocolate devil’s food cake filled with fudge & finished with “Home Made” German Chocolate Icing.
Photo Coming Soon of the German Chocolate Cake

Mocha Mousse Cake
Chocolate devils food cake with Mocha mousse and chocolate ganache.

Sacher Torte

Chocolate devils food cake with raspberry filling
Photo Coming Soon of the StrawbSacher Torte


        Carrot Cake
Carrot cake is a favorite all year-round.  This gourmet carrot cake is moist and flavorful with fresh grated carrots as one of the ingredients.  It is frosted with a delicious rich and creamy cream cheese-walnut frosting.


Cake Price List

If you don’t find what you need, in our 30 foot display case then Call 704/987-8225 and Order What You Need In the Following Sizes

6” Three Layer Round Cake   (serves 6-8) 

8” Three Layer Round Cake  (serves 12-15) 

¼ Two Layer Sheet Cake      (serves 20) 

14” Two Layer Round Cake (serves 30) 

1/2 Two Layer Sheet Cake   (serves 40) 

FULL Two Layer Sheet Cake (serves 80) 

WRITTING on any size cake $FREE

DECORATE using different colors for piping $FREE

DRAWING  $Fee  The Bakery Shoppe hand draws on any cake larger than a 6” and 8”.  There is an charge for the hand drawing and the customer will need to bring something in to draw from, such as a napkin, book, a print out from a website ect.  (The 6” and 8” does not have enough space to draw on it.  We can write and decorate any 6” and 8”cake; we just cannot draw on them.)

Delivery Offered 

Individual portion desserts are the hottest trend today.  The Bakery Shoppe creates a variety of different items to support this request.

Delivery Offered 

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